Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is All about Cross Pollination, Rather than Integrating iOS into OS X

October 21, 2010, By Atul Roach

Back to Mac has been about Mac OS X 10.7 key features which are heavily inspired by iOS, but we feel it is our responsibility to comprehend the phrase a little more in depth. Yes the latest desktop operating system is heavily inspired by iOS, but Apple fanatics should not start thinking that there mobile devices apps will be any way inferior to the Mac apps.

Steve Jobs is definitely the man you should trust and he thinks Back to Mac is not about integrating iOS directly into Mac OS X. Rather, it is about the ‘cross pollination of ideas’ where the Cupertino based giant has learned from the mobile devices and the same handhelds have served as an inspiration to bring about this change in Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).

Lion will indeed bring multi-touch to Macs, but Jobs has banished the thought of a touchscreen MacBook, citing poor ergonomics as the reason. He thinks, Macs have been mouse-driven desktops and hence multi-touch on desktops is possible with large horizontal touchscreen input devices like a Magic Trackpad.

Talk about iOS closely mirroring the OS X, the Mac App Store will offer single-click application downloads and installation, along with automatic updates, replicating the mobile devices App Store procedure. Another similarity will be the app loaded home screens when the new Launchpad is invoked.

A rarity though for the Lion will be Mission Control-a feature dedicated to managing windows, widgets and multiple desktops with Lion, Exposé and Dashboard. This detailed analysis (from the sneak-peak at Lion, courtesy the Back to Mac event) will help you people understand the OS X reformation in a better manner.

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