Killzone 3 Collectors Edition to come with Hellghast Goggles?

October 21, 2010, By Christian Davis

That’s the rumor floating around at least. Those bright, glowing, red-orange goggles could possibly be in our possession early next year.

What was accidentally shown on the Killzone 3 website are three editions to the game, standard, limited, and collectors respectively(shown above). According to the screenshot above, you will receive a “Blood and Thunder” map pack, a giftcard for an unknown retailer(probably various stores), and a nifty pair of Hellghast goggles in the Collectors Editions.

Really cool collectible items are now starting to become a standard in todays market. With Batarangs in Arkham Asylum, Master Chief helmets in Halo 3, Plasma Cutters in Dead Space 2, RC Spy cars with Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Noble Team statues with Halo: Reach, it almost seems like you need to have some sort of object with your collectors(or legendary) editions for gamers to buy them.

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