HTC HD7 Review: Features & Specs along with T-Mobile release on November 8!

October 21, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Let us kick the review of HTC HD7 with the news part that is now confirmed and probably the thing everyone is interested in most. HTC HD7 is coming to the US this November 8 on T-Mobile. No pre-orders though yet, but you can sign up for a notification and pre-order as soon as it is on. There will be a $200 price tag attached to the HD7 along with the T-Mobile contract. Since it is already out in the UK, why not take the first hands-on look at HD7 and see really what we can get out of it? So here we go…

Sizing Up:

The HTC HD7 comes in with dimensions of 122 x 68 x 11.2 mm and weighs a considerable 162g. That is heavy, no matter what one says. You probably would take a bit of time to get used to that weight, if you never owned a handset in that ‘weight-range’.

Display Power:

The HTC HD7 sports a 4.3-inch LCD display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and since HTC is pretty clear that this is an entertainment unit, we decided to judge it by those standards. The display is by no means poor, but after you take a look at the AMOLED screen of Omnia 7, this pales in comparison. But the 4.3-inch size gives you a great way to surf and experience the net without feeling bad about browser size or display. You can enjoy flicks and pictures as well with ease. Not bad at all, but still no AMOLED.

Driving Force:

The HD7 is coming out with 1GHz processor with Snapdragon chip and 576MB RAM, which we have already seen in the past from HTC. But their hands seem tied at this point as it was Microsoft who wanted uniform processors inside all initial WP7 handsets. So it is tough to give HTC hard time on that. But the 1,230mAh battery is something that should have been revved up. That is all the more true when others are coming out with 1,500mAh battery for their Smartphones.


HD7 comes with what seems to be norm going around at the moment-a 5 Megapixel camera with built-in LED flash and ability to capture 720p high-def video. If this is an entertainment mobile, then honestly we would like to see a tad bit better in the camera, video and photo sharing from HTC. Neither are their enough apps at this point to enhance your ‘shutter experience’ nor is the camera offering something extra beyond other smartphones around in the same category.

Built-in Storage:

That would be 8 GB for the rest of the world and 16GB for parts of Europe and USA. No expandable memory is an absolute downer in this time and age. But 16GB is not very bad either.

Additional features and Issues:

The audio on HTC HD7 is pretty good indeed with the speakers really kicking in when you need to spread some tunes. The little kick-stand also works very well by giving the mobile a very stable stand; something essential for a self-proclaimed ‘entertainment mobile’. The feel of the phone tough is not very ‘high-end’ despite what you finally end up paying for it. This we mean in a very ‘physical’ sense. The back cover barely inspires confidence while the Matte look actually looks a tag bit dull.

HTC HD7 is unfortunately not a great improvement from what we have seen for HTC before. There is WP7 on board, some nice features and pretty decent UI. That said we are still not really sold on the handset.

Our Verdict: HTC HD7– Stay around as better options are available on Windows Phone 7 OS or even HTC

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