Google YouTube Gets an Update; Available for 2.2+ Devices

October 21, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has launched the redesigned version of its YouTube application into the Android market. Prior to this move, core applications such as Gmail and Google search were already introduced by the company in the Android market.  The recent update allows the users to have freedom and decide on matters regarding the applications that they do/don’t want on their phone.

The Youtube update will bring significant changes in the YouTube application along with a refreshed user interface and functionality. The users will be allowed a personalized video feed based on general popular videos as well as their personal preferences.

The revamped UI will be offering an easy mode for the usage of application for the users. It will simplify the operations that can provide access to take a video using a Camcorder as well as video search on the main screen. The buyers will be able to view and subscribe various channels with the simplified version.

Another significant innovation as part of the update is the ability to view videos in portrait mode. This will allow the users to view information, user comments, and related videos along with the played video content.

The swipe of a finger will enable the users to change the informational tabs from the screen. The landscape mode will assist the users to like/dislike videos or share them with their friends on Facebook, Google Buzz, and Twitter.

More features about the update might be revealed in the coming days, as Google has not yet officially announced the details about it. The application, at present, is offered for the Android 2.2 (or 2.2.1) users and is available in the Android market.

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