FaceTime for Mac Beta is already Flawed with a Security Bug

October 21, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Back to Mac event is all about new Macs and synchronizing gadgets like the iPhone with the Mac lineage. Also, it is about bringing iOS features like FaceTime again to the Mac family. Steve Jobs made sure that he discussed FaceTime over Mac all by himself to win more admirers for the Mac lineage.

Despite the hype, the problem is that the Face Time video chatting technology, which is now available as a Beta for Macs, is already plagued with security issues. The problem is that with only a few clicks others can make use of the user’s Apple ID and reset the password with stunning ease.

This means once you’ve logged into FaceTime, you can have a look at all the account settings of the used Apple ID. Username, ID, place and birth date are shown, as well as the security question and the answer to it – in plain text, and this happens without another password request. With so much information at stake then, you will definitely not like rendering your information over the Beta version, unless Apple is willing to make a move.

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