Angry Birds Special Halloween Version for iOS available for Download Now: Rovio throws up a spooky surprise for iPhone users!

October 21, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

These are good times at Rovio. They just sent out more than 2 million copies of Angry Birds on the Android mobile platform within 2 days of release. Some will say that the game was free. But as we told you before, once you get addicted to those fuming little feathery ones, you will buy the full ad-free version when it is out. Now Rovio has decided to shift its attention back to the iOS platform and it is the iPhone users that have a treat from the chirpy land of bird hurling.

The Halloween-themed version of Angry Birds is now out on iTunes Store and if you are an iPhone 4 user, then you can get one for just 59p. Of course, all users on iOS can download it and that means there is a HD iPad version as well for £1.19. So what does the special Halloween Edition have in store for all those bird slingers?

There are 45 new spooky levels featuring gnarled trees and pumpkins apart from those slimy and sneaky little pigs. So how will this do? We expect brilliantly as interest in Angry Birds has never been on a higher plane. Everyone wants to fling some feathers around and that once again means that the ‘Angry Birds’ are set to become ‘Pretty rich Angry Birds’.

We know what you will be asking; when will it be out on Android and will it be on Android at all? It should be. We hope it will be; and soon. So those with Android mobiles will have to do with the non-Halloween, free version for now…

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