15 Wicked iPhone Apps; Meaningless, Weird or Damn Funny

October 21, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

There are millions of apps out there and with the iPhone App Store growing by the day, you never know what you might find offered. Not only are there apps that will come in handy for many of your needs, but there are also the ones that are just plain silly or that border on repelling.

Of course, to pick 15 from the vast number of meaningless, weird or plain funny iPhone apps out there is not easy. But here are the 15 that we think are even more useless than that app which acts as torch in a Blackout or another that turns your iPhone into a hand-warmer!

Hello Cow

Press the button and the cow ‘moos’. The fun is that apparently it can emit a variety of cow utterances, and is aimed at keeping toddlers busy on long trips. Yes, that is exactly how we want to groom our kids while on a long road trip… with the iPhone app that goes moooo!

Hold On

This app is fairly intellectually challenging. How long can you hold onto the red button on the screen without letting go? Yes, this is Steve Job’s way of saying ‘die with boredom’.

Zits and Giggles

This was pretty popular until its creator decided to go on a tirade against Apple’s App Store and how meaningless it is… Much like the game itself! How much fun can you have finding zits, popping them and then watching the aftermath?


Yes, all you need to do is lick your iPhone 4 screen and then clean it up for the next hour. We can hazard a guess about how this might help guys practice some ‘art form’, but as we are going along with Apple’s policy of no mature content, we will just leave it at the licks.


Parents! You can now send high-frequency audible waves that your ears can no longer hear, to annoy the teens at your home who can still hear them! Of course, expect them to come back at you with a hyper-loud rock concert later that night!

Hang Time

I just bought a brand new iPhone and now I want to toss it up in the air and see how long it can stay suspended? Brilliant idea really! Especially considering all the reports about how brittle the iPhone 4 is.


Next time you are in a boring conference or meeting and wish the speaker would drop dead, iVoodoo is for you. Just stick those pins in and you will even look ‘busy’ while doing it. Actually, considering your boss, this app is not all that bad!

Belly Button

Seven different belly buttons offered here. Don’t get ideas — all you need to do is match them to the person by listening to the voice. You can tickle and make them giggle, as well. Yup, not much.


That’s an app you need to pay for. iBeer turns your iPhone into a beer jug. Tilt it and it empties. So what is the downer? Well, it empties and not a drop ever comes out… ever. Trust us, we tried!

My Vibe

This one turns your iPhone into a vibrator. Considering those cancer studies on mobile usage, we suggest you wait before you get bold with this. It causes a lot more than your battery to drain!


If you like some humor of the lowest kind (can’t believe we just said this), maybe you can try iFart. Nothing more than just awkwardly stupid, but may be fun if you’re in London’s busy underground and you use it around other people. Eh?

Paranormal State EMF Meter

In case you ever have to check for a ghost, your iPhone can detect EMF with this app. If you get a positive reading, don’t be too worried. It is obviously rigged, but it could still scare some of your ‘strange buddies’.

Ketchup Buddy

Just shake up or even squeeze hard the world’s first virtual ketchup bottle. If he gets too angry, expect a squirt on the screen. A hard squeeze and a shake for the ‘not too strong iPhone 4’? Don’t think so mate.

Sasame Kisscomi

An anime girl that you need to kiss, to impress. This Japanese-based app requires you to put your lips to your iPhone. The girl on the screen will tell you how you rate. Yes, even anime girls complain!

My virtual girlfriend game

Having a hard time in the real world? My virtual girlfriend game is an app that gives you plenty of options when it comes to picking a non-real girlfriend. Now you can continue staying in the basement and keep dreaming about how you could totally seduce Kim Kardashian or Halle Berry… Goodbye social life!

There you have it … 15 weird apps from Apple App Store. You might still like some of them — even love them — nothing wrong. There is a little bit of weird in all of us and that is why we love the world of iPhone Apps! No?

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