Vertu Constellation Quest Now Available in Gold, Costs $27K

October 20, 2010, By Alex Ion

If you’re among the lucky ones not affected by the financial crisis, then you may want to show this off, and how better if not by owning a lavish Vertu mobile? The luxury phone company has recently announced a much more impressive Vertu Constellation Quest — one clad in veritable yellow 18carat gold.

Priced at 19,500 Euros — that’s some $27k at today’s exchange rate — the golden Vertu Constellation Quest packs a high-resolution VGA screen and a video output jack should you wish to have it connected with your computer or your HDTV. On top of that there’s Bluetooth connectivity, Assisted GPS coupled with free maps and navigation, a full QWERTY keyboard with crystal sapphire keys (characters have been applied via silkscreen printing), and Radio FM.

We’re also hearing that you’re able to synchronize emails, contacts, and other information with secure backup servers.

But that’s not all you’re getting for $27k. The nice part is, if you have trouble with your Vertu Constellation Quest an army of customer service reps are ready 24/7 to take on your problem. You’re even assigned to a “dedicated lifestyle manager” to deal with your issues. And if they can’t guide you to fix it, then they’ll access your phone via remote (with your consent, of course) and do it for you.

Wish I had the money. How about you?

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