T-Mobile G2 Sales up despite the rooting issues: Hot Deals from Amazon and Costco still on offer

October 20, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

The initial hype that surrounded the T-Mobile G2 was all about whether the rooting was possible or not and if the problem was a security measure installed or just a bug that T-Mobile refused to fix. There were a couple of weeks when it just refused to stay out of news. But that is a thing of the past now as the average user probably cares little about what extra his handset could offer with the rooting. One way or another, the G2 seems to be doing pretty well as of now.

Part of the reason is that the T-Mobile G2 is being offered for pretty low prices both at Amazon and Costco. All you need to pay is just under $100 for the handset along with taking the two-year contract on offer and you can pocket the current flagship Smartphone from T-Mobile. While Amazon is offering the G2 for $80, Costco is going for the $100 price tag.

Well, for those who fell that the price is as good as free, remember that there is a $200 two-year contract that comes along. So, if you add it up, it is not a bad deal, but surely not as cheap as it is being hyped. So buying the T-Mobile G2? Know a better deal on offer? Let us know…

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