So can we now hurl some Angry Birds on Apple TV? (Will the Greenpois0n Apple TV 2G Jailbreak allow apps, codecs and more?)

October 20, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

You can see the fumes coming out from Apple’s headquarters from a mile away… No doubt Steve Jobs is angry as hell. He does not seem very pleasant even when you talk about his competition, so when one of his beloved gadgets that has been out for just 2 weeks gets unlocked, you probably best avoid the guy. With Greenpois0n Apple TV 2G Jailbreak now expected anytime, the bigger question on everyone’s mind is if we actually can get all those apps loaded and good to go?

Would we not love to throw those Angry Birds around on the giant Apple TV! But we are yet to hear anything from the Chronic Dev Team about external apps being successfully installed on Apple TV. The other issue is about getting more codecs on board as the Apple TV seems to lack in that department big time. Playing content from an external USB is also something that should interest those waiting for Greenpois0n Jailbreak to be out.

Still no announcement though, on when we can expect the Jailbreak to be available, for download. What we do know is that even when the Jailbreak is gone you can expect the SHAtter to keep your Apple TV unlocked. Just yesterday we had Steve Jobs lecturing about ‘integration’; well, at this rate we probably will not really need it from Apple either!

What would you give to get an interview from ‘His Jobs-ness’ on this right now? Simply golden…

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