Samsung Wave II LCD Screen Pipped Against the Magnificent Galaxy S Super AMOLED, And They are Comparable!

October 20, 2010, By Atul Roach

Samsung ‘s Galaxy S comes with a wonderful Super AMOLED display which has been tried and tested by the best of smartphone experts (including me:) and this time around, this display was pipped against one of Samsung’s very own. The comparison happened between the Galaxy S display and latest Samsung Wave 2 and what was interesting is that both screens were comparable indeed.

While the Galaxy S gets a purely high-end Super AMOLED integrated, the Bada OS running Samsung Wave II features a 3.7 Super Clear TFT LCD option. The Wave II screen doesn’t match Galaxy S Super AMOLED in every aspect, but what is appreciable is that the LCD display is still a worthy competitor.

Though a comparison could not be made under direct sunlight (courtesy bad weather), indoors the difference between the two was that the Super Clear TFT LCD picture was more acute without offending the eyes. Now calling it a disadvantage or an advantage depends on individual choices.

The TFT LCD is definitely very impressive, but Super AMOLED does better when it comes to energy consumption. Despite this shortcoming, we will commend the TFT LCD laden Wave II, considering the category it belongs too.

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