Palm Pre 2 Gets the FCC Treatment; Verizon Release Date Could be November 11

October 20, 2010, By Atul Roach

FCC has always been a great source of information and it hasn’t failed us with regards to the Palm Pre 2 as well. The big news is that Palm Pre 2 has arrived on American shores and the confirmation source as always is our beloved FCC. Both versions of the webOS slider i.e. the CDMA version and the UMTS version for the North American HSPA networks made it to the FCC, seeking approval.

As far as Big Red is concerned, the CDMA version of the Palm Pre 2 will be an exclusive device for the carrier which is expected to sell the handset soon. After this FCC confirmation, rumors are ripe that VZW might end up releasing the Palm Pre 2 along with the Droid Pro.

If this rumor has an element of truth, Palm Pre 2 will eventually be up for the grabs with Verizon on November 11, 2010.
Other noticeable smartphones to go public for the VZW subscribers on the same day will be the likes of Droid Global and HTC Merge. Big Red is in the mood to surprise the fanatics for this holiday season and Palm Pre 2 webOS slider could be one of those surprises.

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