Leaked Call of Duty: Black Ops Footage Shows Player Cards, Zombies, and Gameplay

October 20, 2010, By Christian Davis

Unsure if this is due to the stolen retail copies, but we there has been a huge leak in Call of Duty: Black Ops. We have images of the player cards that you’ll be able to use, some Nazi Zombie online gameplay and more multiplayer matches. All thanks to a Russian video site called RuTube. We can only assume it’s the Russian counterpart to Youtube.

If you don’t want to see anything from the game, then close this page immediately. You have been warned. A lot is shown and for some, you may want it to be a complete surprise. I’ll give you a short little break before we reveal the stuff.





So first off we are going to show you some gameplay videos. Those are the best to see and that’s what we all want to see first. This video below is a Team Deathmatch. The player is primarily using the MP5.

This video is Capture the Flag gameplay.

This video shows a lucky guy get enough kills for the new chopper gunner.

This video is of the long awaited Nazi Zombies.

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

That’s all the videos we have. I’m sure you’ll watch this a number of times. The next images you are about to see are of the player cards. Unsure if these are all of them but there’s a lot to be seen.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is going to be released on November 9th. Have fun watching all this footage.

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