Electronic Arts launching some brand new titles for iOS: iPhone to get Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit & Monopoly come Christmas!

October 20, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Some like it and some don’t. But no matter what your personal taste is, EA games on iOS sell. There is a section that fails to see the appeal of large console games being shrunk to fit the iPhone, but we do understand why they are so popular. You can play them on your mobile anytime and anywhere. Come this holiday season EA expands their existing array of iOS games and the ones to watch out for are sure to get i-gamers everywhere pretty excited.

Here is a list of the games that are slated to come over to the iOS platform this Christmas:

Reckless Racing – A fun arcade-like racer with little cars and some impressive graphics
NBA Elite 11 – The iPhone version of the officially licensed NBA game will feature 5-on-5 balling!
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit – Another pint-sized version of a full big console title coming this holiday season.
Pictureka! – A timed picture hunt game with pass-and-play multiplayer.
Monopoly– The classic board game.
EA Sports Active – Another iPhone version of the popular console fitness series.
Dead Space 2 – The science fiction third-person shooter that’s coming to rock the big consoles is also being shrunken down to the iPhone.

What we are obviously interested in is how the games will be re-sized to iPhone as the ones like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Dead Space 2 probably need the bigger version to be enjoyed fully. Still, all the i-gamers who happen to be NFS fans will surely love the smaller version and Monopoly is an obvious hit no matter where.

So which ones will make it to your iPhone to keep you busy on your journey back home to spend holidays with your family?

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