CDMA iPhone Makes Mysterious Appearance; Fancy an iPhone on Verizon Please?

October 20, 2010, By Alex Ion

Rumors of an iPhone capable to run on CDMA networks has been in the news for years now, but in the last few months we’ve become accustomed with reports, on a weekly or even daily basis.

Everyone is speculating (with insider information or not) that Verizon and Sprint are the next carriers in the US who’ll get the iPhone for their customers, but no one in Cupertino has bothered to actually answer and put and end to all these allegations.

So folks, here we go again, another Verizon iPhone rumor, this time … with pictures.

A blogger that goes by the name of Richy Rich, is claiming to own live shots of a CDMA iPhone that supposedly founds its way in a “repair shop in Vietnam” — which, if you remember, is where those iPhone 4 shots leaked earlier this year, or where the iPod camera was first spotted.

We reckon, it doesn’t mean we’re looking at authentic photos, but least we can say, if there’s anything fake in this picture, Mr. Rich managed a great job. If we’re to believe the guy, this is an iPhone prototype said be codenamed N92DVT (Device Verification Test).

Dual GSM-CDMA iPhone actually in the works?

Other than having “proof” of what could be an iPhone capable to run on Big Red’s network, Mr. Rich is also claiming that the prototype pictured above actually comes with both a micro-SIM slot alongside the CDMA internals. Again, no confirmation on this one, as he doesn’t provide any evidence (not pictures of it) to prove it.

While for now that’s pure speculation, it could mean that Apple is not going to manufacture a totally new device for CDMA networks — they could be interested in bringing dual GSM-CDMA mode to the iPhone; maybe iPhone 5?

What do you people think? Are these pictures authentic? Check out more images below!

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