Verizon Wireless internal leak tips BlackBerry Storm 3 to be out on the carrier: Balancing out AT&T’s exclusive BlackBerry Torch Launch?

October 19, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

If you are a BlackBerry Storm user on Verizon and are feeling hard done by the fact that BlackBerry Torch was out exclusively on AT&T and your BlackBerry Storm and Storm 2 cannot be upgraded to use BlackBerry 6 OS, then this will be music to your ears. Of course, existing Verizon BlackBerry Storm users will prefer an upgrade to BlackBerry 6 OS, but since that is not happening, the next best thing might just be on offer- BlackBerry Storm 3 coming to Verizon Wireless.

Coming from an internal leak inside Verizon, the BlackBerry Storm 3 sporting the latest BlackBerry 6 OS, is set to hit Verizon stores not too far away from now. While there are no further details on when that could happen and if the official announcement would be around soon, the leak more or less confirms why BlackBerry is not upgrading current Verizon Storm users to its latest OS; they want you to use Storm 3!

While some are already calling Storm 3 a ‘BlackBerry Torch without a slider’, it remains to be seen what exactly it can offer to the eager Verizon customers. Initial rumors stated that the BlackBerry Storm 3 would be out in November 2010 and that might not be too far off from the truth based on the latest leak from the Verizon offices.

Keep checking as further details could be out pretty soon…

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