Verizon iPhone: Will it be a Dual SIM (GSM/CDMA) Verizon iPhone 4 evolution rather than an iPhone revolution?

October 19, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

There are so many rumors doing rounds about the Verizon iPhone that it is starting to get a bit silly beyond a certain point. In fact people are talking about an iPhone that might come on Verizon and are struggling to decide whether it will be Verizon iPhone 4 or Verizon iPhone 5. They just are not even sure what they want to call it. So we will drop the number (as it seems meaningless to keep ticking off the numbers when actual improvements in the model are few) and just call it the Verizon iPhone. So what can we expect from a Verizon iPhone when it does come out?

The first thing to note here is that Verizon will no doubt have a CDMA version if not an outright Dual SIM iPhone. This should also help Apple as this will make the iPhone a lot more marketable overseas and hence will be seen as compatible across the globe. Making a Dual SIM Verizon iPhone should not be too hard for Verizon or Apple at this point as many, who are close to the companies, indicate that a Dual SIM prototype is close to finish.

We really do not think people should be all too bothered about the ‘White’ Verizon iPhone as really at this point most would be happy just to have a Verizon iPhone (And most of our readers seem to feel that the black version is better anyway!) But the most important factor will be if the Verizon iPhone will be a radical revolution from the current iPhone 4 or just a better evolved iPhone 4? Going by sense and Apple’s history it is safe to bet that the Verizon iPhone will be a fine tuned iPhone 4 that is already out.

In short, expect the Verizon iPhone to come out with:

Antenna issues sorted out for better reception
Possible Dual SIM capabilities or at least CDMA version
SIM Card slot for global usage

That pretty much could be what Verizon iPhone would bring out, apart from what is already out there. Of course, the fact that Verizon customers can now sport an iPhone is probably reason enough to celebrate!

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