Verizon iPhone to Run on CDMA Bands not LTE, Big Red Hints at Developing CDMA Furthermore

October 19, 2010, By Atul Roach

I cannot exactly recollect the number of times we’ve discussed the possible arrival of a Verizon locked iPhone. The number of avid discussions in this particular month is three (1,2,3) and here we go again today. We are of the opinion that the Verizon branded iPhone will definitely run on CDMA bands and not the LTE, which is slated to cover 38 US cities in the near future.

You may beg to differ, but Big Red has clarified its stance on the future of its CDMA network which is to be bolstered furthermore. Big Red isn’t in the mood to let go its CDMA development for at least the next 10 years according to a panel at the 4G World expo. More importantly, the same bunch of panelists are of the opinion that Apple will be in no position to engage LTE when the novel cellular technology hits the market.

As far as VZW is concerned, it will continue developing the CDMA network to handle simultaneous voice and data usage in the future. Verizon’s VoRA (Voice over Revision A) technology is also expected to match the GSM standards, something which AT&T has used as a shortcoming to criticize the ‘mighty’ Big Red.

It is because of these latest opinions from experts that we believe Verizon’s iPhone will only be running on CDMA bands, while VZW will look to develop its 4G network to match the success of its 3G services.

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