The First 15 Minutes of Fallout: New Vegas

October 19, 2010, By Christian Davis

My goodness, isn’t this a cool way to start a game. Fallout: New Vegas has received a lot of coverage from everyone these past few weeks, including us here at DeviceMag. Thanks to G4 we now have the first 15 minutes of the game.

The first several minutes of the video shows how your character got into this place and is narrated gorgeously by Ron Perlman. Then it goes into character creation, which cleverly lets you design your face and set your abilities, and a little bit of gameplay. If this doesn’t get you excited for the game, then I have no idea what will. It’s represented almost like the opening of a movie and just gets better and better with each scene you watch.

New Vegas looks to be a fun game and there are several reviews out there to help you decide on whether or not you should purchase it. Here’s a hint, everyone loves it.

Here’s the video below:

PC Games – E3 2011 – Fallout: New Vegas
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