Samsung Galaxy Tab 16GB costs €730 ($1,017) from Vodafone Germany: €30 more than the 32GB iPad WiFi + 3G!

October 19, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Yes, we are scratching our heads as well on this one and checked twice before we actually decided to share this with the world. Samsung Galaxy Tab 16GB in Germany is going to cost €30 more than the 32GB iPad WiFi + 3G! There is no reason to doubt Vodafone Germany on the authenticity of the information on offer (Unless this is a huge mistake). But it makes us wonder how in the world is Samsung planning on selling the Galaxy Tab at a price that is higher than the iPad by offering half of what is on offer from Apple.

If this is Samsung’s idea of marketing, then they are in deep trouble. But that aside, the Samsung galaxy Tab 16GB will cost €300 ($418) on a two-year data plan at €35 a month. Sure the price might not directly translate to the US market, but it still is hard to fathom the whole deal considering this could actually drive people away from the Galaxy Tab even further.

This might be a German special though, as we just found out yesterday that the Samsung Galaxy Tab was being offered by Carphone Warehouse in UK for £530($850); the exact same price as a 3G-Apple iPad in UK. It is safer to assume one would get similar deals across the Atlantic.

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