HTC HD7 vs HTC Desire HD: Fight! Windows Phone 7 vs Android in Specs, Features & Prices

October 19, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

We compared HTC HD7 vs. Samsung Omnia 7 just yesterday and today we decided to put the same test to two of HTC’s most sought-after mobiles. Of course, the catch here is that unlike yesterday, today we are dealing with the battle between the OS platforms and not the handset makers- it will be Windows Phone 7 up against the ever-growing Android 2.2 (Froyo). It is HTC HD7 vs. HTC Desire HD. So which is the better handset from HTC and who will win this early war? Let us find out right away by digging in:

Sizing Up:

The HTC HD7 comes in with dimensions of 122 x 68 x 11.2 mm and weighs a considerable 162g, while the HTC Desire HD measures 123 x 68 x 11.8 mm and weighs 164g. A millimeter here and a gram there; nothing really to separate both HD7 and Desire HD here… Both look a bit heavy on the pocket. So we will have to call this even.

SCORE: HTC HD7 0-0 HTC Desire HD

Display Power:

This probably is just a mere formality as both of them have exactly identical screens – 4.3-inch pinch-to-zoom LCD Touchscreen with 480 x 800 WVGA resolution. Nothing separates the HD7 from Desire HD so far… Nothing!

SCORE: HTC HD7 0-0 HTC Desire HD

Driving Force:

We hate to call things even and sit on the fence, but HTC has forced our hand at that so far. But not anymore as what drives the HD7 on the inside is a 1GHz processor with Snapdragon chip and 576MB RAM. But the Desire HD is powered by 1GHz processor with Snapdragon chip and 768MB RAM. This is where Microsoft’s attempt to be similar across the board in case of Windows Phone 7 handsets cost the HTC HD7 with the 576MB RAM. Finally, we have a leader!

SCORE: HTC HD7 0-1 HTC Desire HD

Operating System:

Since we are being objective and putting aside personal tastes, we only thought we should give Windows Phone 7 a fair chance before we judge it up against Android 2.2. So we will not pass a verdict on this until we sink into WP7. So, it’s a tie… For now.

SCORE: HTC HD7 0-1 HTC Desire HD


It is the 5 Megapixel camera of HD7 up against the 8 Megapixel camera of Desire HD. Add to that Desire HD’s face Detection technology and Geo-Tagging, which the HD7 lacks, and you have a clean winner.

SCORE: HTC HD7 0-2 HTC Desire HD


While HTC HD7 comes with an impressive 16GB built-in memory, HTC Desire HD has a mere 1.5GB internal memory. But you can expand that to 32GB, which is an option that the HD7 lacks. So, while in sheer built-in memory the HD7 romps home, the fact that one could go higher with Desire HD brings it right back in.

SCORE: HTC HD7 0-2 HTC Desire HD

Connectivity and additional Features:

The Desire HD seems ahead in the overall connectivity and entertainment category as it offers 3G speeds that are twice those offered by HD7, has better connectivity options even with the Bluetooth and offers a lot more to the social networking addicts with HTC Peep for Tweeting. Just seems that Desire HD is endowed with superior enhancements and connectivity options compared to HD7.

SCORE: HTC HD7 0-3 HTC Desire HD

Price and Availability:

There are markets in which the HD7 and Desire HD are on their way out and late October and early November will see them enter European markets. While the stand-alone SIM-free cost of HTC HD7 is still not confirmed, we do have the HTC Desire HD SIM-Free price as around £465. Either way, expect not much difference between both, when they do come out on contracts from carriers.

Those who look at the score line might say that someone got an absolute drubbing, but numbers can sometimes exaggerate facts. HTC HD7 is still a top-notch handset; especially for those who want to jump to Windows Phone 7. But the HTC Desire HD is truly deserving of all the rave reviews it gets. The handset seems complete; covering most of the user’s needs and is well worth pocketing once it hits stores. So our clear winner in today’s mobile battle:


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