How to Organise Bookmarks in Firefox

October 19, 2010, By Christian Cawley

If you’re using Mozilla’s popular browser alternative Firefox, you’ve probably already discovered the pleasure of tabbed browsing, searchable history and other sector-leading functionality.

But are you aware that your Firefox bookmarks are not only easily searchable; they can be added to and edited in a variety of interesting ways?

While online bookmark managers might be a popular choice for many, the organization settings offered in Firefox can either be used to carry on without an online bookmark manager, or arrange your bookmarks before you upload them.

Let’s have a look at all of the great things we can do with Firefox bookmarks!

Adding a Website to Your Firefox Bookmarks

You might be thinking that adding a website to Firefox is simply a matter of visiting a page and clicking the Bookmarks > Bookmark This Page menu item – and while this is one way of doing it, there are plenty of others!

Another way is to right-click your mouse in an area of empty space on the web page you’re currently reading – the Bookmark This Page option will instantly add the current page to your bookmarks as soon as your use the Edit This Bookmark option to tag and choose a folder for the page. We’ll come to tags and folders later on.

Incidentally, don’t waste time with the bookmarks menu if you visit a particular site regularly or need immediate access to it – simply drag the URL from the address bar into the Bookmarks Toolbar to streamline the process. This is a great way to get to where you want to go online!

Bulk Adding Firefox Bookmarks

If you have several tabs open with websites that you want to revisit, you can quickly add all of these locations to your bookmarks using the Bookmark All Tabs… option that appears when you right-click a tab header in Firefox. Bookmark All Tabs … is also available via the Bookmarks menu. Choosing this option will present a small dialogue box in which you can create a new folder in which to add your tabs.

You can also add bookmarks via the History view. Simply use the History search or browse functions to find the web page you want, then right-click and select Bookmark This Page.

Managing Firefox Bookmarks, Folders and Tags

With website and webpage addresses stacking up in your bookmarks folder, you might like to start managing them more effectively. This can be done easily in the Firefox Organise Bookmarks view, accessible via the Bookmarks menu.

Here you can create new folders, name the folders and even add folders within folders, before left-clicking and dragging your web pages into them. While here, you should consider giving descriptive tags to your bookmarks so that you can search them more easily. To do this, select a bookmark and in the main pane add one or more Tags, separated by commas. You can also click the More button to add a Description.

You can also sort the bookmarks by adding a “separator” between types of website groupings, just as in the default Bookmarks menu.

Finally, Bookmarks can also be imported from other browsers as well as exported (use the Import and Backup menu in the Organise Bookmarks screen), and in this state they are saved as HTML documents – which means you might like to attempt some editing of the Bookmarks if you want to get your hands dirty.

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