Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs goes on a rant against Google Android 7-inch Tablets, RIM and Google (Audio Link Inside for complete Jobs’ Conference Call)

October 19, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

No matter what you want to say about Steve Jobs it is hard to keep the guy down; especially with the numbers Apple has just put in for 2010 Fiscal Q4. It was at this very moment that he chose to shoot down competition, maybe go on a bit of a rant and surely ripped to shreds any idea of a 7-inch iPad coming out anytime soon. In fact, he just called the 7-inch Android Tablets ‘DOA (Dead on Arrival)’.

He surely has his own way of getting the message across the board and he could not have chosen a better or stronger moment to do so. As Apple touched the $20 billion revenue mark for the very first time, Steve Jobs went on a 5-minute tirade against RIM and its business model that he believed relied on fragmentation. He concluded that by saying, “we believe integrated will trump fragmented every time.”

Then it was the turn of Android OS platform and he took a strong exception towards the way the numbers were being wrongly hyped when it came to Google Android vs. Apple iOS. Then came the big one- the 7-inch tablet. Apple CEO pretty much shot down the suggestion the instant it was floated and called it meaningless in a world where Smartphones are doing enough to do away with any such idea.

If it is a Tablet, then it needs to be larger! That was the idea that came across as size surely matters for the top boss at Apple; at least in case of the iPads. Not only did he say that the 7-inch Android Tablet idea was stupid, but also came in with a quote that sure will hang around for a while. Steve wanted the 7-inch tablet makers to “throw in some sandpaper so that the users can sand down their fingers to around one quarter of their present size.”

No matter what people say, those words will no doubt go around for a long time to come. What is notable though is how he did concede that Android out-shipped iPhone in the June quarter, during the “transition” to iPhone 4. He also came out claiming Google themselves told Tablet makers that 7-inch size might not be acceptable as software is not right for the size. See, the man does have a heart!

Here is the link to Audio for Steve Jobs’ Q & A Session.

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