Angry Birds Full Version Free Download on Android goes past 2 million downloads in 2 Days: Rovio Tweets with delight!

October 19, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Those Angry Birds seem to be in a real hot mood these days and they sure have taken to the Google Android platform in some style. One million downloads on the first day of release and now 2 million downloads as the second day concludes. Million downloads per day- just goes to show how popular gaming apps can be on Smartphone platforms. Also, this has showcased the potential of Google Android as an OS Platform for future apps. Rovio has shown that if you do it right, you can do it in style!

It was yesterday that we talked about Angry Birds setting a new pace record with a million downloads in less than a day and now they have re-written their own benchmark by adding another million-plus downloads the next. The announcement came in the form of a Tweet once again:
“Another day Another Million”

That is good enough for us. While there are skeptics who will say that Rovio did not make anything from this free distribution, the fact that Angry Birds is damn addictive and once the add-free version comes out for around a dollar or so, over 2 million people could well pay for it is, something that they forget. Give them a free-taste. Then make them buy the add-free app- Sound strategy that will surely work; especially in case of Angry Birds.

Do you already have Angry Birds on your mobile? If not, you can get it for your android phone right here and maybe make it three million in 3 days!

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