Samsung Galaxy Tab Price Hunt: Available for pre-order at Carphone Warehouse for £530($850)

October 18, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

The hunt for the official price tag of Samsung Galaxy Tab continues with the search for various deals and availability announcements that are trickling in from across the planet. The latest news though, seems to more or less conform, the price tag we can expect. It at least gives us a very fair idea of what the Samsung Galaxy Tab could cost and it is not very far off from the guess we did hazard in the first place.

Carphone Warehouse has already been announced as one of the retailers in UK for the Galaxy Tab and it has priced the it at £530 ($850). This is for the 16GB Galaxy Tab and that is the exact same price as that of a 3G-Apple iPad. Now that should not surprise anyone at all. In the ultra-competitive world of tablets, netbooks and laptops, this was bound to happen.

In fact, this is great news for consumers as this competition probably would bring the prices of Tablets down when both iPad and Galaxy Tab come out on respective carriers. So with the price of the Galaxy Tab now more or less known, would you pick one up? Or, are you still waiting to see what the network carriers might offer? That would not be a bad idea at all!

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