PS3 and Wii do away with the Netflix disc: Streaming directly to the Menu Screen

October 18, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

As we speak PS3 and even Wii users will no longer require a disc to stream Netflix content as it will now be streamed directly to the menu screen. Not that Wii could not do this earlier; they did have an ability to install downloadable apps, but license restrictions prevented this from happening. Now just like Xbox 360 users even PS3 and Wii owners can also do away with the Netflix disc and the process of running the player from it.

You can download the Netflix app on Wii for free and then Netflix will cost you $8.99 each month. As for PS3 users go, the PS3 Netflix Installer will be available today and you can get to using Netflix right away by paying the monthly subscription fee. The added advantage that PS3 owners will now have over those earlier gloating about Netflix on their Xbox 360 is that Netflix on PS3 can now support 1080p streaming (when available) as well as 5.1 channel surround sound.

Surely a welcome change that both Wii and PS3 users have been longing for since some time now. A change that seems perfectly timed to support the PS3 Surround Sound System, as well! But what do we do with all those discs that we have? Hopefully recycle and put them to good use!

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