HTC HD7 vs Samsung Omnia 7: Battle between specs, features, price tag and more!

October 18, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is all set to enter into a monumental battlefield come this holiday season in the mobile phone arena. While the HTC Desire HD has been much sought-after in the Android platform, the HTD HD7 is considered the closest to the Desire HD in the Windows Phone 7 OS-based market. But Samsung has its own plans with the Omnia 7 trying hard to be the flag-bearer for the WinPho 7 devices in the market. So when the HTC HD7 squares off against Samsung Omnia 7, which handset takes home the crown?

Sizing Up:
The HTC HD7 comes in with dimensions of 122 x 68 x 11.2 mm and weighs a considerable 162g, while the Omnia 7 measures 122.4x 64.2 x 10.99 mm and weighs a lot lighter 138g. While Omnia 7 has a longer and narrower look, the HD7 looks a lot more balanced with a broader frame. But the 162g HD7 seems pretty bulky compared to Omnia 7; which seems easier to sport and carry around.

SCORE: HTC HD7 0-1 Samsung Omnia 7

Display Power:
The 4.3-inch LCD display of HD7 goes up against the 4.0-inch Super AMOLED display of Omnia 7. With both having identical resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, the numbers game might indicate that the larger HD7 wins the battle. But the superior quality of the AMOLED display of Omnia 7 wins it for us narrowly by beating the marginal size advantage of HD7.

SCORE: HTC HD7 0-2 Samsung Omnia 7

Driving Force:
We know for sure that the HTC HD7 is coming out with 1GHz processor with Snapdragon chip and 576MB RAM. We also know that the Omnia 7 will be using the similar 1GHz processor with Snapdragon chip, but the RAM inside is still not clear. It most likely will be a 576MB one as that seems common across the board for Windows Phone 7 handsets. So, we can only call it even here.

SCORE: HTC HD7 0-2 Samsung Omnia 7

Both sport a 5 Megapixel camera with built-in LED flash and ability to capture 720p high-def video Once again, it’s a tie.

SCORE: HTC HD7 0-2 Samsung Omnia 7

Built-in Storage:
The HTC HD7 comes with a solid 16GB built-in memory while the Omnia 7 just brings just 8GB to the table. Sure, Omnia 7 has expandable memory, but the bigger offering from HTC might sway consumers in its favor while choosing the handset. Finally, HD7 wins one.

SCORE: HTC HD7 1-2 Samsung Omnia 7

Connectivity and additional Features:
HD7 and Omnia 7 look as good as identical once again with both WinPho 7 devices coming with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, USB 2.0 and a 3.5mm jack along with Xbox Live Arcade and Zune for entertainment. What might just tilt this battle in the HD7’s favor is that tiny kick stand which could be pretty useful to keep the device steady. Yes, it is a very tiny little aspect, but those are what can win big battles!

SCORE: HTC HD7 2-2 Samsung Omnia 7

Price and Availability:
HTC HD7 will be exclusive to O2 in the UK and to T-Mobile users in the US with its price still not confirmed. The Samsung Omnia 7 will be available on Orange, T-Mobile and Three in the UK with initial plans slating it around £40 per month on contract. Both handsets will be out around October 21 in Europe.

The fact that Omnia 7 will be available on wider variety of carriers might ultimately see it beat the HD7. Price will be a crucial factor in this battle and the mobile that presents itself as the cheaper of the two might ultimately win hands down.

Given everything we have seen and the availability factor, we are going to go with the Samsung Omnia 7 as the winner; but not by much. If HD7 is the cheaper option, then all this could turn around real fast! For now though:

WINNER: Samsung Omnia 7


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