Fallout: New Vegas Video Diary 6

October 18, 2010, By Christian Davis

I wonder how many video diaries they’re going to release before the game is released. I’m betting on 12. Below you’ll see a brand new video diary courtesy of Bethesda that discusses the characters in the game.

Who would of thought that Ron Perlman, Wayne Newton, Matthew Perry, Kris Kristofferson, and William Saddler would all be so perfect together. Ron Perlman is reprising his role as the narrator. It’s great to see him still here since he’s been in the franchise for so long.

Matthew Perry plays Benny who is the man who tried to kill you. Wayne Newton is the new DJ in the game, and will be playing as Mr. New Vegas. William Saddler is playing the hillbilly-esque Victor and Kris Kristofferson will play the experienced Chief Hanlon. Kris was practically made for this role.

It’s great to see the game have such a star studded cast and you can tell they all had a great time lending their talents to this game. Here’s the video below.

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