Call of Duty: Black Ops Team Deathmatch Footage

October 17, 2010, By Christian Davis

Maybe DeviceMag should just be changed to Call of Duty Headquarters. That’s all that seems to be filling up the news these days. It’s more good than bad though, because we get to see all of the cool new gameplays, like this video we see of a deathmatch.

The video at the bottom of this article shows 10 minutes of Call of Duty: Black Ops Team Deathmatch.  You’ll see a lot of the games new additions like the Perks, weapons, accolades, and plenty of other stuff to keep you satisfied. You may even watch the video more than once just to make sure you’ve caught everything.

The level they’re playing on is called “Launch” and it’s the level that we see at the beginning of the games first multiplayer trailer. It’s a close quarters map with a lot of narrow alley ways. A shot gun or sub machine gun would be the best weapon to use for this map.

The game is looking fantastic and I really can’t wait to get my hands on it. Here’s the video below.

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