White iPhone 4 spotted on streets of New York: Insider reveals why we do not have one yet in the stores (More Pics inside)

October 15, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

That is right; the much-fabled myth of the ‘White iPhone’ is indeed true and we actually have spotted one on the streets of New York City in the hands of someone who is neither Steve Jobs himself or anyone high-up in the Apple hierarchy. So who was this man and how did he get to sport a White Apple iPhone when most of us cannot even get a sight of one? We have all the answers…

The deal according to this source who obviously wanted to remain confidential, but was kind enough to give detailed insight, is that everyone in the ‘high-offices’ of Apple already have the white iPhone and he apparently knows someone real high up the ladder pretty well. That was good enough to get him a deal and allowed him to sport the white iPhone. So there you have it; they are indeed reserved for the elite, or are they?

Well, not really. The problem with a commercial release is that Apple is unable to get the makers in Far East to make buttons in the same white as that of the case. (We could put a man on moon, but not make plastic with matching colors!). We have no reason to doubt a man so well-connected and hence will take his word.

But hopefully the White iPhone will be out in stores sooner than later with the issue sorted out

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