Palm Pre 2 all set to be released on Verizon Wireless soon?

October 15, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Is Palm Pre 2 the next in line to hit Verizon stores and give some joy to Verizon customers who have been craving like hell for an iPhone 4? Well, so they are not the same, but having a Palm Pre 2 out on Verizon would be indeed really nice. It should further expand Verizon’s market space and give its loyal consumers a lot more to chose from. So is it actually happening? We have every reason to believe so.

The latest leak from the inside of Verizon (I guess there are people who are working there just to give out these leaks, otherwise there just no logic in the number of leaks) indicates that the Pal Pre 2 has indeed been included in the internal training program for employees. The slide-out Palm Pre 2 does look like a hot handset that would do very well once it is out on a major US carrier.

So will this also mean that Sprint and AT&T will also carry Palm Pre 2? If Verizon is bringing it out, it seems likely, but we have no confirmation of that as of now. Hopefully we will hear from the guys in an official capacity very soon. Till then we can only wait…

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