Oakley Sunglasses Gets $41M Exposure After Protecting Chilean Miners’ Eyes

October 15, 2010, By Alex Ion

If you turned on TV yesterday or the day before, chances are that you’ve seen the amazing rescue of the 33 Chilean miners that were trapped underground for more than 2 months. Everything was streamed on TV, with the likes of CNN keeping you up to date with everything that happened.

Another interesting thing you may have noticed, is the fact that each of the 33 miners were wearing glasses. It’s for a perfect good reason — their eyes had to readjust to daylight, as they were accustomed to the dark.

The glasses I’m talking about were donated by Oakley. They retail at around $180 each pair, so if you do the math, the cost would be around $6,300. Why is that interesting? Because reports have it that Oakley apparently garnered $41 million in equivalent advertising time / exposure.

Front Row Analytics, a sponsorship evaluation firm behind the report, broke the exposure down by country. “Oakley will get the most exposure in China ($11.7 million), $6.4 million in the United States, $898,000 in the United Kingdom and $703,000 in Chile”, they said. They also mentioned through Eric Smallwood, vice president of project management for the company, that “It’s a goodwill gesture that will turn into mass amounts of exposure for Oakley in a positive manner”.

The fact that Oakley donated the sunglasses for the miners became a hot topic on Twitter — @highlow asks “Oakley is using the Chilean mine rescue as a marketing opportunity — poor taste or philanthropic move? and @idaspeeda called it “the product placement of the year.” Both may be right.

What do you think?

(Image courtesy of CNN)

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