Nokia N8 Review: Specs, Pricing, Release & Availability Detailed

October 15, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

We thought that we would give you a very crisp, complete yet easy-to-read review of the Nokia N8. Instead of you having to spend hours together on just a single review, you can browse through the page to see what are the basic pros and cons of the phone along with what you can expect as a moderate user of your mobile. Of course, we do encourage you to go though the complete guide before you buy the N8, but if you are looking for something to put those many pages into simple buying decisions, then here we go…

The positives of the N8 start off with its great camera. The much talked about 12 Megapixel camera indeed delivers in every aspect. The snaps are simply too good to take a pass on and unless you are packing for a serious holiday, this will replace your low-end digital cam for more mundane purposes with ease.

The battery life on the N8 is something you will be astonished to observe. For a Smartphone loaded with features, it does pretty well indeed. Nokia once again delivers with a quality battery performance that is second to none. The display screen, stylish aluminum casing add to the N8 charm.

The convenient HDMI-Output port along with the more than descent audio quality make the N8 a superb handset that delivers in various ways. Where Nokia falls short though is in its very traditional approach of User Interface (UI) and its handling of modern internet needs. If you are big on surfing and social networking, you might reconsider a decision to bring home the N8.

The slow UI along with not-so-impressive surfing capabilities and lack of any special ‘social networking help’ makes it a bit less attractive for those who love to carry the net on the move. But all-in-all the N8 is still a very impressive handset with plenty going for it. If you are looking for deals then here are some that will help you out:

We do suggest that you take it on a contract rather than buy it outright (Unless, of course you feel compelled by the N8). Despite its few shortcomings, we still rate the N8 very highly and expect it to be popular for some time to come. So are you going to sport an N8 soon?

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