Motorola Droid X Froyo Update ‘Bugged’ With Problems

October 15, 2010, By Atul Roach

Generally, Droid X Froyo update would have been considered great news for the Android version 2.2 admirers, but given the stance of those who’ve run Froyo on Droid X, the opposite seems to be the case. There are a lot of people complaining about different concerns after the Froyo update which is loaded with bugs one many.

The first problem reported is that the Droid X is stuck on the Motorola logo after the reboot, for which a fix has already been developed and it shall be rolled out through a future OTA rendering. Another problem that will be addressed in a future upgrade is the issue of random rebooting.

Again, there are problems with the WiFi connection and stability and Motorola is saying that the issues will be looked into in a future Software upgrade. A few of the rebooted Droid X owners who clicked on the Battery icon in the menu got a force closed error prompt. This issue will also be resolved in a future software upgrade.

There are certain cases where the media doesn’t play and you needn’t know Motorola’s answer for the same. The thing is, if the next OTA upgrade is going to take care of everything, what good is this Froyo updation on the Droid X.

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