Limera1n iOS 4.1 Jailbreak for Mac Released and Available Now (Download Link Inside)

October 15, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

We talked about who would win the battle between Limera1n vs. Greenpois0n when it comes to iOS 4.1 Jailbreak. There might not be a very clear winner in that battle for some time to come, but the iOS 4.1 jailbreak for Mac users has been released by Limera1n and no matter what you say about GeoHot, Limera1n has indeed made a difference in the jailbreak market out there.

While we were waiting for the Greenpois0n jailbreak from the Chronic Dev Team, Limera1n showed up from out of nowhere and now there is definitely a tough tussle between both. Limera1n is now available for Mac and Windows while Greenpois0n iOS 4.1 is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. So what will you be picking?

Both versions are getting some pretty good reviews and seem to take very little effort and time in unlocking your iPhone 4 or iPod. So have you tried one of the two tools? Which one worked for you? Had any snags? Let us know and we will pass on the message. One of our readers did say that the more firms were tightening up security, the more work hackers get and hence better… That indeed seems so true!

Limera1n for Mac/Windows Download Link

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