HTC Bee Android Smartphone Headed to Verizon, Reminds Us of the AT&T HTC Aria

October 15, 2010, By Atul Roach

Remember the HTC Aria which is an AT&T locked Android device that sells pretty decently for the carrier? This leaked rendering of the HTC Bee reminds us of the Aria, and it appears that the Aria has been given a CDMA cladding with a new nomenclature-Bee. It is ‘most probably’ headed to Big Red given the circumstances in which it was spotted.

The fact is that 911sniper (the source for the leaked rendering) has an HTC Bee ROM which suggestively is headed to small time carrier ‘Allttell’. Now if you remember, Alltell is under the direct ownership of Big Red and that is why, Big Red launching the HTC Bee makes a lot of sense.

Considering the prime specs of the HTC Bee- 528MHz processor, Android 2.2, 384MB of RAM, 5MP camera and a 3.2-inch QVGA touchscreen display, it is a perfect mid-range Android handset to satiate the craving of people otherwise affected by the ‘affordability issue’.

With this CDMA Android handset in the bundle, Big Red as a Carrier can boast of a pretty diverse and appealing Android lineage on offer. If launched, it may set your pocket back by $100 on contract.

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