HP Envy 17 Notebook Reviewed as a Great Alternative for Desktop Gaming

October 15, 2010, By Atul Roach

The gaming desktops are headed towards extinction (though the ‘hardcore’ desktop gamers would beg to differ) and more and more PC gamers are shifting towards the notebook. This is a change we have to accept as this is what we call the evolving face of technology. Those of you who’ve come to accept this change should look into the HP17 notebook option as our beloved Engadget pips it as a great alternative to desktop gaming.

There are a number of features which make Engadget feel the way it does and the first of those are the graphics which look great on the 17.3-inch display option(s). You can choose from a total number of 6 processors depending on the performance you require- where the standard version is Intel Core i5-460M while the top of the line is Intel Core i7-840QM.

To give you an idea of the kind of adaptations you can choose from, the basic version costs $1,299 and with the integrations of your choice intact, the price sticker can go right up to $3500.

Talking more about the range on offer, you can go for a DDR3 8GB RAM while the hard-drive capacity can be stretched right up to 800GB. Also, as an avid gamer you will love you lappy running good for longer durations, so it is advisable to spend $75 extra for getting in a 9-cell battery.

It does sound a very interesting prospect, but as I told you before, you’ll need to be ready to accept the reformation first as ‘evolution’ is one characteristic that technology thrives on.

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