AMD quietly reveals next series of Radeon DX11 GPUs – Launching next week

October 15, 2010, By Thomas Antony

After some specifications were leaked back in September about the upcoming HD6000 series of GPUs, AMD has quietly revealed in their earnings call last night, they will be launching their second-generation DX11 graphics offerings next week. The new series will be dubbed “Southern Islands” and will be a refresh of the current HD5000 series, with 40nm manufacturing technology and higher performance. The power use is also expected to come down with the new generation of GPUs.

The new HD 67×0 cards appear manifestly speedier than their predecessors — with faster clocks, more texture units, and more ROPs. Memory bandwidth and pixel fillrate are identical between the HD 6750 and 5850, while the HD 6770 even manages to beat the formerly imperious 5870 in a couple of areas.

After announcing the new product line next week, AMD promises to manufacture “hundreds of thousands of units,” which will be shipping before the end of this quarter. This should be just in time for the holiday gaming craze.

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