Netflix on PS3: Disc Free Next Week

October 14, 2010, By Christian Davis

I think I just heard about 300 sighs of relief. The Netflix service on the Playstation 3 was always plagued by a disc and wan’t as simple as the Xbox 360’s Netflix. Yes, all you had to do what insert a disc, but it just always seemed unnecessary. Now that phase is over and those discs can be thrown away.

Not only is the service not going to require a disc, but it’s also received a complete re-design as well. It’s neater, faster, and just more futuristic looking. There’s even a search option and the ability to add movies to your instant queue from the console. Both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 have this functionality now so everyone can enjoy the simplicity of Netflix. Here’s a video below displaying all of the new features that the new Playstation 3 Netflix service has. The new Netflix will be available to all on October 18th.

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