Medal Of Honor Forces PS3 Firmware Update: Designed to stop jailbreak even when Call of Duty: Black Ops gets out!

October 14, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

The story between Sony’s Playstation and jailbreaks is pretty much well-known by now with piracy being a huge problem, initially, for the firm to handle. But over the summer they have learned to quickly and effectively counteract various jailbreaks and have successfully blocked them; for now at least. The 3.42 firmware update for PS3 is designed to do exactly that as Medal of Honor is now out on Playstation 3.

This is the first instance when you will need the 3.42 firmware update on your PS3 to actually get going with a game. This has been made mandatory as this would prevent piracy to a very large extent, if not completely, making PS3 very secure. Though Medal of Honor has not been receiving raving reviews, we did say that it was maybe worth a look in before Call of Duty: Black Ops rolls out.

It seems even Sony has an eye on that as the use of 3.42 firmware update and its actual security can be now tested so that once the highly sought-after Blacks Ops hits PS3, it will be free from jailbreaks and leaks. So whether it is COD: Black Ops or Gran Turismo 5 or other future games on PS3, the firmware update will most certainly be mandatory.

So did you try out Medal of Honor? Still having a ball with Halo: Reach? Or just waiting to get your hands on Call of duty: Black Ops?

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