Kim Hee Chul, Banksy and Sachin Tendulkar top the charts in the latest Twitter search trends

October 14, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Watching the current Twitter trends pretty much gives a very decent idea of what is hot and what is the ‘conversation piece’ that will become a hit in your social circle. It helps in a way in understanding what majority of the web users are interested in currently (at least those on Twitter) and the latest Twitter trends indicate a very mixed opinion with the Simpsons & Banksy making waves along with Korean pop singer Kim Hee Chul and cricket’s batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar.

World-renowned British graffiti artist ‘Banksy’ enters the charts in fifth place as Microbloggers are discussing the opening sequence of a Simpsons episode that was storyboarded by the artist. Topping the charts though is the Korean star Kim Hee Chul while the ‘last standing hero’ of a billion Indians Sachin Tendulkar is making buzz with his double century and match-winning performance against Australia.

We know that Simpsons has always been huge and Sachin Tendulkar had an opening on Twitter like none other as a cricket crazy line up to ‘follow him’. Kim though is a hot current trend along “Thou Shall” and “Thanksgiving”. Here is the latest known Top 10:

1. Kim Hee Chul (new)
2. myweakness (new)
3. weedcommandments (new)
4. youretooold (new)
5. Banksy (new)
6. Tendulkar (new)
7. Thou Shall (new)
8. Sachin (new)
9. Thanksgiving (new)

10. Koud (new)

So how will the trends change? We will keep you posted on that? What is your Twitter favorite? iPhone 4 or maybe Bing

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