How to Setup and Run an Ad on Facebook

October 14, 2010, By Christian Cawley

With a group or fan page setup on Facebook, you might want to think about advertising the fact! One way of doing this is by emailing friends and family. Another is to advertise on forums or perhaps your own website.

Of course, the main way to advertise any Facebook page, group or service is to use the Facebook Adverts service, and reach any or all of the 500 million users of the world’s most popular social networking site.

Adverts can be customized to target specific people based on interests, age and location, and running an advert doesn’t have to cost you a lot.

Setting Up Facebook Advertising

With such remarkable advert targeting, it is hardly surprising that Facebook is seen as the ultimate platform for targeted advertising by established businesses and startups.

If you’ve successfully managed to setup your Facebook group or fan page, then setting up Facebook Advertising should be a piece of cake.

To get started, visit, or use the Promote Group with an Advert or Promote with an advert link on the left hand column of your page, whichever is appropriate. You may also see a Get more connections link on your group or fan page designed to get you to promote your new online creation. All of these will take you to the Advertise on Facebook page.

Advertise on Facebook

To begin building your ad, the first thing to do is insert the target URL. For instance if your advert is for a Facebook Group, insert the URL for this.

You then need to insert a title for the ad – this will be displayed in blue text on the finished advert, so go for something short and catchy, as space is a premium – you have 25 characters for this.

Your body text should briefly outline the purpose of your group or page, in just 135 characters. The final step in building the advert is to add an image. Notice that this is a required field; the title and body text fields aren’t, so if you’re handy with Photoshop you might include just an image with relevant text included.

To see how everything will look, Facebook provide a live sample of the advert which you can check as you’re building it.

Targeting Users with Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising can be targeted at every single person that uses the service, although this would be expensive and probably pointless. Instead, you can target members that might be interested in your group or page by specifying a Location such as a country, and then breaking it down if necessary by state or city.

After this, you can target Demographics such as age (where a range or specific age can be entered) and gender, as well as targeting people with similar likes as yourself or a subject relevant to your group or fan page. For instance if your fan page is for an adult comedian, you might select comedy or adult comedy in this section. Many options can be selected here in order for you to target as directly as possible.

Pricing and Scheduling Facebook Ads

With your advert setup, you should give your Campaign a name – particularly useful if you opt to re-run it in future. Here you can also set a budget, either per day or for the lifetime of the campaign. The campaign duration can then be setup in the Schedule section where you can either set it to run indefinitely or specify an end time.

Finally, you can set whether or not the ad is Pay for Clicks or Pay for Impressions – this will depend upon whether you want users to click the advert or not. Specify a maximum bid value for each ad and then click Review advert.

Check the advert and click Place order if you are happy with it, otherwise go back and change a few details. When you click on Place order, you will be given a payment option – you can use either credit cards or PayPal. Once payment is made, your advert will be run!

When the advert reviewed, approved and up and running, you will be able to manage the targeting as well as observe statistics concerning its success or otherwise.

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