Halo: Reach Noble Pack DLC Set to Release on November 30th and Forgetacular Contest [UPDATE]]

October 14, 2010, By Christian Davis

Finally! Some Halo: Reach DLC details. We all love Bungie’s last Halo game, but we all also know that the amount of levels available to play in their matchmaking, is a little sparse. The Noble Pack Downloadable Content should fix that a bit.

The Noble Pack DLC will come with 3 new maps that can be played in the games various modes. The first map is called “Anchor 9.”(shown above and below). In the Halo Universe Anchor 9 is an orbital dockyard that provides rapid refueling and repairs for a variety of UNSC vessels. Sounds cool, lets shoot people in it. The level allows for 2-8 players to play comfortably in Team Slayer, Free For All, and Team Objective.

The next mission is “Tempest.”(shown below) This level is pulled right out of the mission when you and Noble Team fought their way into the the hidden base to go into the space combat mission. It can hold 8 to 16 players to play comfortably Free For All, Team Slayer, Big Team Battle, and Team Objective. This level has a lot of wide open space, so it should be great for sniper fire.

The last map of the Noble Map Pack is “Breakpoint.”(shown below) The level is directly from the intense fight scene that has you fending off waves of Covenant before you can finally see what’s the key to saving the human race from extinction. This map will be used only for Invasion and Big Team Battle allowing for  8 to 16 players.

UPDATE: The Map Pack is going to be priced at 800 Microsoft Points($10 respectively).

Along with the Map Pack announcement, we also found out about a Forgetacular contest that Bungie is holding. Winners will receive one of seven Limited Edition Halo Reach Xbox 360s.  You have the option to build a forge map  designed for on of Halo: Reach’s seven game types (Invasion, Team Slayer, Big Team Battle, etc…) There will be a winner in each category. More information can be found in the link below.

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