Apple could release 11.6-inch brand new MacBook Air at Special Press Event on October 20

October 14, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

For all those who were searching for that special ‘Verizon iPhone’ announcement from Apple, the guys made it officially very clear that the special press release event that they will hold on October 20 will be largely devoted to Mac. So with the mobile domain out of the way, it is time to think about MacBook Air. We all know that a new Air Line is due and will be announced that day, but will a redefined, slimmer and lighter 11.6-inch MacBook Air be there in the ‘new releases’?

We know for sure that the 13.3-inch line-up will be there, but some strong sources following the making of MacBook Air from the inside claim that the 11.6-inch notebook will be out without doubt. Well, we are all eagerly waiting for the event at this point just hoping that that indeed is teh case as we would just love that hotter looking 11.6-inch Air out.

The selling point here would be the cost as such a notebook would be, no doubt, the cheapest in the line-up and could very well attract potential customers away from the iPad. Some say that might exactly be the reason why Apple will not bring out an 11.6-inch MacBook Air all too soon. To find out for sure though, join us on October 20 as we bring you the Apple Event as it happens. Till then, the wait continues…

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