33 Chilean Miners rescued from San Jose Mine to be given free iPods to celebrate their miraculous rescue: How about an iPhone 4 Steve?

October 14, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

So the ‘King of Apple world’ proclaims! That he is personally sending out a congratulatory message along with free iPods to the 33 rescued Chilean workers. Pulled out after an ordeal that lasted for more than 69 days, their tale of survival has captivated the world and Steve Jobs from his high throne at Apple headquarters was so moved that he is sending them out iPods or so the reports suggest.

Of course we will confirm it for sure from the PR team at Apple, but after this story does rounds, I guess they will not deny the iPods and Steve Job his magnanimous glory. Call it strategy, publicity gig or just a gesture of goodwill, this will get Apple some positive reviews and will score a few brownie points as well.

We though are not a bunch of pessimistic lot, so we do think it was done with nothing but good intent. So we are hoping those Apple iPod Touch sets reach the guys soon and while you are in a mood for charity how about throwing a few iPhone 4s along as well Steve?

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