Valves DOTA 2 Details and Screenshots

October 13, 2010, By Christian Davis

With the announcement of Valves DOTA 2, we have some details regarding the 2011 PC release. The Warcraft 3 Mod is one of the most played games of all time and with the release of the second one, you can expect are large following similar to the fans of Blizzard’s Starcraft 2.

So what does Valve do to the title? Gameplay wise, it’s going to remain virtually untouched. Project lead, Erik Johnson states “”Our first reaction is to assume that [design elements are] there for a reason. IceFrog is one of the smartest designers we’ve ever met. He’s made so many good decisions over the years in building the product. He virtually never makes a decision that doesn’t have some reasoning behind it and a way to pick apart the logic behind it.”

The option to choose between over 100 heroes will be back in full force. Items, skills, and upgrade paths are unchanged making long time DOTA players feel right at home. Graphics are being updated and there’s even an in-game voice chat now, eliminating the need for Ventrillo.

AI bots will take over disconnected players and you can practice against them un-ranked training matches as well. It is not recommended that you get your hopes up for a full single player game though. It doesn’t seem to be a main focus.

The extensive interview is available at below). Here are some very cool character art for the upcoming title.

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