Call of Duty: Black Ops Has What it Takes to Be the Best PC Title Ever; Dedicated Servers Confirmed on Release

October 13, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

We always knew that Treyarch was a great PC developer and they have a team devoted especially for PC titles — must be no different this time around. Despite the title being out on Xbox 360, Wii, Playstation 3 and PC on November 9, we honestly think it’s the PC version that will probably have the best feel and look, when it’s all set and done. Why? Because dedicated servers have been confirmed for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

However, as nice as it may sound to have support for multiplayer matches on dedicated servers, PC gamers who cannot wait for Black Ops to be released, could be less thrilled by Activision and Treyarch’s decision to partner with, which will have complete exclusivity rights for renting out the game’s dedicated servers.

“We are extremely excited about this unprecedented relationship with Activision to offer dedicated servers exclusively for Black Ops”, said GameServers CEO David Aninowsky. “We are placing a great amount of pressure on ourselves to ensure that we exceed any and all expectations.”

But don’t get us wrong. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to rent a server with GameServers to play Black Ops. “Nobody will have to rent a dedicated server through GameServers in order to play the game,” says Treyarch Community Manager, Josh Olin. “But for anybody who wants to run their own server, it will be run from”

We do know that Modern warfare 2 didn’t have dedicated servers, which is why we’re excited things will change with the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

So, waiting for Black Ops eagerly? Have you pre-ordered it? It sure looks like it is the PC community over the gaming addicts that win for once. No?

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