Sony and LoveFilm now offer Streaming Movies for Playstation 3 in UK: Gaming, Movies and More!

October 13, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Playstation 3 has become much more than just a gaming console for everyone in UK as it now offers entertainment that you can relax, lay back and watch after some tough gaming wars. Lovefilm and Sony have confirmed their partnership in UK with the former offering streaming movie content for PS 3 users in UK… great news indeed!

You can now knock yourself out with a session of Halo: Reach and then watch movies streaming in from Lovefilm’s servers only for a £5.99 subscription fee. Not much to pay for all that entertainment. Those in UK will be already familiar with Lovefilm and the content and quality they offer. Now this does look like a good deal for every PS 3 user.

There was an idea also to stream Pay-per-views on demand, but for some reason that idea was scarped and is not on offer yet. So are you excited about Lovefilm and PS3 partnership? Or would you much rather take a pass?

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