Palm Pre 2 Gets Unofficially Pictured, Specs & Release Date

October 13, 2010, By Atul Roach

A day after the first unofficial images of the Palm Pre II surfaced on the web, there is another French source which has got the chance of laying its hands on the same. This time around, more than the probable details, we’ve got an image set which will satiate all of your anxieties regarding this webOS 2.0, that is only if there were only, as Shawn did discuss the details with you yesterday.

More than anything else, we are excited about the webOS 2.0 as we think that Palm’s proprietary mobile operating system (running on the Linux kernel) is more capable of challenging Android and iOS than the recently launched Windows Phone 7.

As far as the Pre 2 is concerned, we would have loved a handset with a complete design makeover, but Palm begs to differ on this count as the Pre 2 is just a design improvemnet over its predecessor.

Experts are speculating that Palm Pre 2 will hit the markets in November, but Palm or HP are yet to endorse this for a fact.

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