Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough

October 13, 2010, By Christian Davis

Who loves the Fallout series? Then you’ll love this walkthrough that the folks at Gametrailers had. It’s a few days old, but think of it as a fine wine, meaning that it just got better with age.

The video below shows gameplay of someone traveling through areas of Primm, which is represented very well in a post-apocalyptic manner of course. Fallout: New Vegas is going to have around twice as many weapons as Fallout 3, which is a lot. All weapons can be modified, including melee weapons.

One of my favorite features is the use of iron-sights now, which shooter fans will love. A close second though is the ability to make ammo cases and stim-packs. This feature really forces you to explore the environment and take in all of Fallout: New Vegas. You still need to be careful though, because ammo now affects how much weight you’re carrying. Which is kind of cool, but really sucks at the same time.

Here’s the video below. It’s a couple minutes long and you’ll enjoy every bit of it.

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